Mission, Vision & Strategy


 In a business chain, linking partners more closely to one another enables new answers to market requests, prevents and anticipates waste of time and material, accelerates development, and improves performance. By doing so Smart Alliances contributes to a more efficient and effective cooperation in the chain.


Our clients request new solutions, because their environment demands them to meet new requirements. The answers are often beyond the direct view. Optimization and improvement of components in the business chain often offer a fundamental and structural solution. Yet, this asks for a different definition of positions, for new skills, for supplementary lines of approach. The starting point is the motives of others instead of one’s own ambitions. 

Renewing collaborations in the business chain makes organizations more vital, creative, powerful and adaptable. By combining our support of the processes involved with a knowledge and understanding of the needs of our clients and their branches, together with a close cooperation, we contribute to achieve their goals. 


By connecting the strongest elements in a chain continuity and leading positions are generated, resulting in new combinations. Smart Alliances has much to offer in this conceptual thinking. We want to reach such a rank in the market that will make of us a permanent discussion partner of our clients in issues concerning organizational changes and market positioning.