Sectoren waarin we actief zijn

We act as independent partners, advisors or interim mangers of domestic and foreign organizations and companies in the following sectors:
  • Agri-food sector 
    Chain management advisory and restructuring from primary growers to retailers in relation to development and improvement of collaboration relationships, development of new concepts and markets, new combinations of products, and development of rural and regional areas.

  • Transportation and logistics sector
    Improvement of primary and secondary companiesí business processes. Chain management advisory consisting in the introduction of a new client approach, solutions to market position problems and collaboration relationships.

  • Medium and small companies
    Management assistance to define business strategies, market positions or reorganizations. Consultancy in the implementation of organizational development and profit increase.

  • Government and non-profit organizations
    Management assistance in reorganizations and efficiency improvement. Coaching and assistance in organizational changes. Implementation of client friendly services and output drives.

We also seek opportunities outside European boundaries and design and implement international projects in cooperation with various organizations and companies.